Snow totals vary from the north to the south in Harford County

BEL AIR, Md. - The snow is falling on students at Bel Air Elementary school, as they leave just two and half hours after the day began.

"We knew it was coming, but at the time it was mostly raining at the time. So I understand why they made the call."

That was the call to open in the first place.  The snow picked up late morning in the center of the county, so much that Dave Rutch didn't want to risk his kids on the school bus.

"Just talked to my wife, and we thought it would be best since I got four-wheel drive to come pick them up, not to take any chances, because it is getting slippery," said Rutch. 

We kept driving north to Jarrettsville and found upset parents.  Lisa Dempsey has a daughter in high school and a daughter at Harford Community College.

"She turned around after five miles down the road because she was fish-tailing and came home. And I'm glad she did cause she's safe," said Dempsey.   

Dempsey says it was sleeting as the kids left for school and then it turned over.

There are more snow-covered roads in the northern part of Harford County, and parents say that is not unusual. 

We traveled about 20 miles south of Jarrettsville and ended up at Edgewood Elementary school, where students also got out early.  But it's a very different story.  The snow doesn't even cover the grass. 

So Edgewood students got off easy where Jarrettsville had to push through the snow.

Northern Harford County parents argue they should be separated from the rest of the county for closings and delays.

"It's not the same as the Edgewood area. They don't get the same extremities, I don't think, in the weather," said Dempsey.

But the school system tells us they studied the weather patterns in the past and it wasn't necessary.  Still on this snow day, Jarrettsville and Edgewood seem like they are states away.

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