POLICE: Deputy shoots machete-wielding suspect

Police say the townhouse in Edgewood, still decorated for Halloween, set the stage for a scene out of a slasher movie after a woman called 911 to report a possible overdose and then called back minutes later to report an assault.
"A female living in the home had been thrown down a flight of stairs," said Edward Hopkins of the Harford County Sheriff's Office, "The female told police dispatchers that she had locked the door after the suspect left the home, but she did then see the suspect go to a motor vehicle, his motor vehicle, break out the window and take a knife from that vehicle."
Police say 26-year old Brian Matthew Ogle took the long-bladed knife or machete and attempted to get back into the home when deputies arrived and chased him into some nearby woods.
Deputies arriving on nearby Route 24 headed off the suspect, but when one ordered him to drop the weapon, they say Ogle turned on him.
"The suspect actually walked around the patrol car and continued approaching the deputy in a threatening manner," said Hopkins, "Once again, the deputy ordered him several times to drop the weapon.  He did not.  The deputy then fired his service weapon several times and struck the suspect several times."
Police say Ogle will be charged with assault, attempted murder and other weapons charges.
24-year old Shannon Barkley, of the same address, suffered only minor injuries in the initial attack.
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