Fire damages Harford County home

Emergency calls reporting a fire brought engines from throughout Harford County to Marigold Court in Belcamp.
"(The) structure was about 50 percent involved.  Also with the vehicles in front partially involved," said Abingdon Fire Chief Monti Arrington, "We received information that the homeowners and the occupants were out of the structure."
But this wasn't the initial assault on the fire.
The homeowner, Steven Asbury, says he had just worked the overnight shift and had gone to sleep when he was awakened by his wife.
"She came downstairs and told me the garage was on fire.  I ran out (and) grabbed the fire extinguisher and tried to put it out.  It didn't work."
Abandoning his effort to fight the fire on his own, Asbury turned his attention to evacuating his wife, his mother-in-law and his 4-year old twin daughters.
"They were in the living room on the other side of the wall watching cartoons," he said.
Before firefighters had completed their work, investigators with the state fire marshal's office began sifting through the heavily damaged home searching for the source of the fire.
For his part, Asbury, is now making arrangements for his family to find temporary shelter, but he counts himself fortunate that the fire didn't cost him much, much more.
"They saved a lot on the first floor and the basement is water damaged.  So everything---as far as clothes and everything... my medicine---everything's fine...," he said. " Everybody is out safe.  That's all that matters at this point."
It's estimated the fire caused more than $300,000 worth of damage, and investigators have now traced the source to a faulty power strip in that garage.
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