Bitter cold hampers cleanup in Harford County

Bundled up like an Eskimo, Sandy Buchanan scooted around the parking areas of Norrisville Elementary School on a small snow plow getting a lesson in futility.
"It's very cold, and it's like the North Pole up here," said Buchanan, "We try to clear it and the snow keeps coming back.  So we're trying to get the school cleared for Monday." 
Norrisville got a lot of snow---seven and a half inches of it, and digging out from it is a big job made more difficult by a dose of winds gusting at 30 miles per hour or so that produced a wind chill around zero degrees. 
While the bitter cold and the chance for frost bite weren't necessarily a concern for the county road crews working in the area, they had their own concerns to deal with."
Vast expanses of fallow fields allowed the winds to redistribute much of the powdery white stuff back over the roads.
Phil Hartline is a crew chief with the Harford County Highways Division.
"You've got to make at least four passes on all of these roads," said Hartline, "That's normal, but with this wind and this snow, you've got to make multiple passes."
Yes.  Even in a windblown farming community of roughly three thousand people where you're more apt to see a horse out in this weather than a human, people are accustomed to dealing with the challenges of winter.
"The weather is always colder up here," said Hartline, "You go to Havre de Grace, it's probably not this bad.  I've seen in rain in Havre de Grace and (there's) six inches of snow up here."
But that doesn't mean folks like Sandy Buchanan have to like it.
"We have a lot of snow and ice, but like the last couple of years it's been pretty good, but this year it's hurting us."
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