Bel Air Honda offers free fingerprints.

Fallston, MD -  

Luke Rybczynski places his tiny ten fingers on a digital scanner and smiles while his mom takes a deep breath.  The print is peace of mind kept in a safe, during a time this three year old has no fear.

"He's one of those kids that is a runner, so it's like he's quick to get away from me sometimes.  This helps.  At least we have a picture and prints on file in case god forbid something would go wrong," said Tina Rybczynski, who drove from East Baltimore to Fallston for the free fingerprint. 

The U.S. Department of Justice reports close to 800,000 children went missing in a single year.  Fingerprints can help detectives track them down. 

Bel Air Honda brought in "Operation Kidsafe" to take free digital fingerprints. 

"If you already have them, they put them in the system.  Now if those fingerprints pop up anywhere it's a lot easier because it's already in the system," said Mick Walls, "Operation Kidsafe."   

"Myself and our owner group here believe in helping the community and giving back," said Ken Hyman, GM, Bel Air Honda.   

In just about 30 seconds, a picture is taken and those ten little fingers, each with their unique print, are scanned onto a paper.

"It wasn't messy fingerprints or anything," said Kimberly Sands, who brought in her grandchildren.    

Susie Rising has three children and wants as much information on them as possible. 

"They have more information to find them, their fingerprints or their faces.  It can help them with recognizing children faster," said Rising.   

"Operation Kidsafe" says it does not store the pictures or prints.  They are only given to parents to keep in case of an emergency.

Bel Air Honda is offering another chance for free fingerprints on Saturday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


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