A petition to create a North Harford school zone launches on Facebook

PYLESVILLE, Md. - On Monday, there was heavy snow when kids left school early in Harford County.  On Tuesday, there is a flurry of complaints, starting with Nancy Harple.

"He was leaving school and hit the front of a school bus," said Harple.        

Her Harford Tech senior is OK, but Harple then got a double dose of parenting.  Her younger son was stuck on the school bus for an hour and a half.

"Everybody said they were going to get off the bus and walk and I told him that was not a good idea either," said Harple.    

Parents took their stories to Facebook and created "North Harford School Zone Petition to HCPS."  More than 2,000 people are sharing stories of their manic Monday.

To the north, buses couldn't make it up snow-covered roads.  To the south, snow barely covered the grass.

"Our weather is always very, very different than Bel Air, Abingdon, Edgewood," said Angel Keller, a North Harford County parent.    

A day after that storm, there's still snow on the ground.  A schools spokeswoman said they have studied the weather patterns before and North Harford County doesn't need to be zoned separately.   

That isn't stopping parents from making a new pitch after their kids went to school while it was snowing on Monday and were sent home early when it got worse.   

"There's so many back roads, side roads that the county just cannot get to quickly, not just to plow but to salt," said Keller.    

Now the same parents have to sweat it out on Wednesday, as another winter storm is heading their way.    

"I am really going to consider if they make the wrong decision tomorrow whether my child is going to go to school," said Harple.    

Harford County Councilman Chad Shrodes will ask the council to join him on Tuesday night in drafting a letter to the school board to create a northern zone.

As for Monday, the school system gave students credit for a full day, even though they were in for just two-and-a-half hours.

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