2 Good 2 Be True: A race to save a heart

BEL AIR, Md. - At C Milton Wright, everything went right.  Colleen Houck who just turned 18, was heading toward the bench during a basketball game against St. Paul's.  Seconds after sitting down, she fell. 

Her dad Paul said, "She fell off the chair like she bumped her head." 

A 12 year State Police veteran Adam Davies heard the cry for help.  He just wanted to help.  When he walked thru the gym he saw confusion.  Somebody had to take charge and Adam Davies did. 

With Colleen's heart stopped, and Adam's racing, the race was on to save Colleen,  Evidently a virus has crept into her heart forcing the attack. 

Trooper Davies used the defibrillator and went to work, "After the shock, got a strong pulse from her", Davies said. 

But then she went down hill.  He says, she was dead.  Another try, another faint pulse,  This time the fire department got there and raced her to Upper Chesapeake where she made it. 

Colleen doesn't remember a thing.  She does know about Trooper Davies and how he saved her life. 

Colleen plans on studying nursing at Towson next year. 

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