Mother and children working on homework when a bullet comes flying into their Queen Anne's Co. home

The Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Office says they've received several calls, over the past few months, of shots fired in the Stevensville and Grasonville area.  

In this most recent incident the Sheriff's Office says a woman and her children were at the kitchen table, working on homework Wednesday night, when they heard a loud bang and saw a hole in the wall.  It happened just before 8:30p.m. in Chester.  The mother got the kids to a different room and called 911.

The initial call came in as a possible explosion but when emergency crews got on scene they determined the noise was from a shotgun and a shotgun slug was located.  Deputies began canvassing the area.  One resident heard the noise but thought it was a transformer, another reported hearing shots being fired earlier in the week.

The Sheriff’s Office has received several others calls about shots fired in Stevensville and Grasonville over the past two months. 

Sheriff Hofmann is asking anyone with information about the gun shots to call the Queen Anne’s Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at


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