Body found on Kent Island identified as Robin Pope


A heart is drawn in the sand near the home where Robin Pope spent the final years of her life.  She was last seen at the home on Bay Drive in Stevensville.

Three weeks later, her body surfaces three blocks away.

"It was completely blocked off an entire block.  So you couldn't even get close," said Debbie Shaw, a neighbor, who organized community searches. 

Neighbors have gotten used to investigators taking over the land and water.  But Saturday was unusual.

A man who was out on a fishing pier spotted a body and called 911.  It took the Medical Examiner and dental records to identify the 51-year-old.

"They've got closure on that point and now the next point is justice for Robin.  What has happened," said Shaw. 

That is the question investigators are trying to track down.  Pope's husband, Wayne, told them she came to the home to pick up her stuff and when he returned, her car was there but she was missing.

The two separated just a few weeks prior to the disappearance.  They have a daughter, Rachel, and Robin had an older daughter, Priscilla.

The ladies spoke to ABC2 News last week.

"We were raised to be this way.  You put it together.  You stay strong and you get to the bottom of it.  You can't lay in bed all day, that doesn't do anything.  You've got to get the community together and find her," said Priscilla Hastings.   

The community came together to search.  Now they're standing behind Robin's girls. 

"They were up all night, crying, a big group of them," said Gina Knapp, a family friend. 

State Police have questioned Wayne Pope for hours.  They may be getting closer to calling Pope's death a crime.  But until then, there's a line in the sand, one that keeps friends from believing the worst.

"I know love hurts.  I know that for a fact.  I've been there.  I'd like to believe he's innocent, although no one knows, only the person who did this and the man upstairs," said Shaw.   

The Medical Examiner and forensic pathologists will determine how Robin Pope died. 

Family and friends are planning a memorial service, with candles on the Bay, to raise money for the daughters.

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