Two killed after car plows into construction zone

PERRYVILLE, Md - It's as bad as you could ever see.

So bad that there's little that we can show you.

The impact was so hard that a fabric and cardboard hat became jammed into the windshield.

The hat of one of two men who killed; who were just trying to do a day's work.

 "At approximately nine o'clock this morning there was a work crew in the area of Route 40 and Belvedere Road and which point in time for some unknown reason a 2006 Ford Focus went into the work zone and as it went into the work zone it struck two construction workers that were working there. "  State Police Spokesman Sergeant Marc Black says.

The two men were contract workers from Prince George's County.

Their bodies were thrown several feet by the impact and were pronounced dead at the scene.

The construction scene was clearly marked.

A big arrow truck, sending drivers to the right and orange barrels blocking off the entire left hand lane.

State police say they're not sure why the focus strayed into the work zone in this case.

But they say it's time to remember the need for slowdown in work zones.

 "We're asking them to remember the move over law a law that was introduced last year that is basically saying if you see an emergency worker a construction worker move over give them some space."  Sergeant Black says.

Late today the victims were identified as Victor Jackson and Luis Tadeo who worked for Pessoa Construction Company in Prince Georges County.

At this point the driver has not been charged with anything in this case.

State police say they will give all their findings to the Cecil County state's attorney's office to see if charges if any will be filed.

Last year on Maryland roads three people died and 689 injured in crashes in highway work zones.

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