Cecil County man sets house on fire

RISING SUN, Md. - The neighbors had never paid much attention to the modest house on Pearl Street in Rising Sun until it was fully engulfed in fire.

"When I woke up, there was flashing lights all over the place, so I walked out to see and there was about six cops, two different fire trucks, ambulance.  They landed the helicopter."

In the hours leading up to the fire, a woman had showed up at a police station claiming her boyfriend, 47-year old Marco Gonzalez-Hernandez, had assaulted her inside his house.

When a deputy and a Rising Sun officer arrived at the home, a 17-year old relative ran outside to meet them claiming a despondent Gonzalez-Hernandez was threatening to burn down the house around him.

"The deputy and the officer heard the suspect lock the door and then a very short time later saw smoke and fire inside the residence.  The deputy attempted to gain entrance into the residence.  (He) was unable to.  A very short time later, they saw the suspect run out the back of the residence.  At which time they took him into custody."

Firefighters arrived on the scene and put the fire out before it could reach a large propane tank propped up against the chimney outside.

Gonzalez-Hernandez will face charges upon his release from the Bayview Burn Center.

Investigators say the fire caused an estimated $50,000 in damage.

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