Sub-zero temperatures accompany outages in Carroll County

In Carroll County, people are still digging out from more than 10 inches of snow, but the bigger problem is the freezing temperatures.
"They're older and they don't get around much anymore, so I come down and try to help them out whenever I can," said Doug Leppo as he cleared the snow from their truck.
Leppo made the trek down from Littlestown, Pa. to Union Mills to help his parents dig out from the heavy snow, but the arctic blast made for some brisk duty.
"A little bit below zero this morning... first thing in the morning, so it was plenty cold for sure," he said.
And a whole lot colder for more than 1,200 people in the town who lost their electricity about 5 in the morning when the high winds took down a line at the Union Mills Substation.
Leppo's parents were among those left without power.
"I was worried about the cold," said Mary Leppo, "My husband is on oxygen, but we do have some portable tanks so we were alright.  So I called BGE and asked them how long it would be before it came back on."
BGE crews were able to repair the line and to restore power in a matter of a few hours to the relief of those who had watched the temperatures dropping inside their homes.
Carroll County represented the jurisdiction where most of the power outages occurred in the Baltimore region. Carroll had more than 1,300 of the about 1,700 outages in the BGE coverage area as of 9 a.m. Wednesday. Practically all of those customers had power restored by 4 p.m.
"It was 60.  It had gone down to 60 in that length of time," said Mary Leppo.
And that 60 degrees that Mary's talking about doesn't seem too bad when you consider that Union Mills had a temperature this morning of minus-4 degrees.
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