Victim's family appeals to driver to come forward


A red light offered little protection to the teen as he attempted to cross Liberty Road where it intersects with Ridge Road in Taylorsville late Saturday.
Witnesses say a car traveling westbound as fast as 70 miles per hour, hit Michael Hatfield and sped away dragging him along the road in the process.
"He's at Shock Trauma.  He's in an induced coma," said Michael's aunt, Betty Colson, "We don't know the extent of his brain injuries obviously until they bring him out.  They've had some good signs with the doctors---speaking loudly to him, asking him to open his eyes and he has fluttered his eyes."
The 18-year old has undergone surgery on his shattered left leg, four bones were broken in his right leg and he also suffered severe abrasions from the pavement.
A pair of young men leaving a nearby restaurant spotted Michael lying in the road and ran to his rescue stopping traffic until paramedics could arrive, but investigators with the Maryland State Police are asking the public to come forward with information that could lead them to the hit-and-run driver.
"Police have received some witness observations however everything they've received so far is just not matching up," said Elena Russo, "Police have received two different descriptions of vehicles that are completely dissimilar so that's why we're really relying on someone to think back if they were at that intersection right around midnight on Saturday night to think back to see what they saw."
If you have any information, you can call police in Westminster at 410-386-3000.
In the meantime, Michael's family hopes the same person who chose not to stop to try to help the teen after hitting him over the weekend will do the right thing now.
"Regardless of who is at fault, if they would have stopped then an accident is an accident," said Cross, "but what's unforgivable is leaving someone's child lying along the road."
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