Get away attempt ends in crash on Route 140

FINKSBURG, Md. - During the light morning commute early Monday, a Carroll County Sheriff's deputy running radar on Route 91 in Finksburg got more than he bargained for.
"According to the vehicle's radar, the pickup truck passed the marked sheriff's vehicle travelling 72 miles per hour in a posted 55 miles per hour zone," said Major Phil Kasten who added any hope for a routine stop disappeared as the Dodge Ram sped away with the emergency lights of the squad car right on its tail, "The deputy lost sight of the vehicle along Old Westminster Pike and attempted to relocate it.  Approximately a block later, the deputy observed what was a small cloud of dust at the rear entrance to the Jiffy Mart parking lot."

A camera positioned outside the convenience store captured an image of the truck racing across its lot and ultimately the squad car following behind.

The truck raced into the eastbound lanes of Route 140 where it struck a van in a crash, which would cost the elusive speeder his life.

"The driver of the Dodge truck was later identified as 29-year old Jeremiah Joseph Haas of New Windsor," said Major Kasten, "A follow up investigation by deputies learned that Haas's drivers license and his privilege to drive in Maryland was suspended."

Haas had an extensive history of traffic violations and lost his license under similar circumstances, speeding while driving on a suspended license, in January of last year.

The 23-year old driver of the van was treated and released from Carroll Hospital Center in Westminster.

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