Carroll County one of the 'hardest hit areas' for power outages

CARROLL COUNTY - The ice storm that swept through Maryland knocked more than 40 percent of Carroll County homes without power. Nearly the entire county was covered in a layer of ice Wednesday.

"It just sounded like a canon going off on the fourth of July. You just hear a loud bang and then pause, and then thump! A big thud on the ground," said resident Cory Heiges.

Heiges says trees, icicles, and branches are snapping all across his yard.

"It just looks like everything is cracked off, branches everywhere, you can't get through," he said as another huge tree came crashing to the ground. "There goes another one right now! It's been like this all morning."

He says about every 10 minutes, something smashes to the ground below.

"I mean, you just kind of look up constantly, just making sure that nothing's coming down on your head," he said.

With his front yard looking more like a skating rink, and downed power lines across the county, he's not expecting to get the lights back on for quite a while.

"I've been living here like 10 years, this is the first time I've seen a situation like this," Nate Naderpour said pointing to a fallen tree and power lines that lay in his front yard.

More than 900 BGE employees and contractors hit the roads Wednesday afternoon. Neighbors said even though they're still in the dark, they're happy with BGE's work and they're confident everything will be up and running again soon even as the utility company worked to restore power to more than 80,000 customers across the region.

You can report power outages and downed wires by calling 877-778-2222.



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