BGE working around the clock to restore power to thousands

It's been nearly three days since the ice started coating portions of Carroll, Baltimore and Harford counties and for thousands of people, the lights still aren't back on.

That's despite hundreds of crews working around the clock.

Barbara Chrest and her husband, who live in the Upperco area, lost power early Tuesday morning.  "We have a generator but that just does so much," she said.  "And when you have health problems it's not easy it makes it worse"

Chrest still managed to get to her job as a teller at a local bank this week.

"Right now I'm exhausted after losing sleep last night and all.  It's just enough's enough," she said.

And late Thursday night, the Chrest's power came back on.  She said several of their neighbors' homes were still in the dark.  Their question -- what's taking so long?

Rachel Lighty, a spokeswoman for BGE, said the utility had expected the "vast majority" of customers to have their power restored by now, but: "Some customers who are on pieces of equipment that serve smaller numbers of customers and have extensive damage may extend into Friday," she said.

That's because the work on damaged equipment that serves fewer customers can take just as long as the work on equipment that serves thousands.

"It's still the same amount of time to complete the restoration work but it is putting smaller numbers of customers back into service," Lighty said.


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