Bel Air Honda Athlete of the Week: Kyle Thibeault

TIMONIUM, Md. - How many high schoolers do you know have their own slogan.  Kyle Thibeault - pronounced Tebow - a senior at Dulaney High School is credited with the simple saying "Get after it."

He's pumping. "I lift five times a week," Thibeault  said.

He's sticking. "All off season workouts," he added.

He's studying. "Definitely education is my top priority."

Thibeault is preparing for this upcoming lacrosse season with just as much dedication as he as for his studies. 

Coach Kyle Fiat says he's taking the hardest class the county has to offer. Thibeault says he spends up to six hours working on his physics homework.

He said he finds his mental toughness in early morning wake up calls, followed by workouts, weight training, then school... getting after it, as they say. 

And that's why Kyle "Tebow" Thibeault, a senior at Dulaney,  is the Bel Air Honda Student Athlete of the Week.

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