2 Good 2 be True: Charm City Paws

BALTIMORE - Thank the world for Angela Lauta and Jessica Kartel.  "2 Girls and a Shovel" are "2 Good 2 Be True" because they pick up your dogs' No. 2s.

"It's better in January than it is in July", said Kartel.  On a rainy, icy, foggy day, who wants to pick up after their dog?  These two women will. 

They started Charm City Paws a few years back and then branched out to pick up after your pooches.  Yes, they are busy.  They come with shovels, gloves, and bags and just roam your yard looking for lawn gold.

"I do believe we provide a service. Who wants to be out here on a day like today doing what we are doing?" Lauta said.

The two have a number of clients and see a lot of yards.  All jokes aside they are helping the environment.  Rats feed off of pet waste and the Bay takes a bruising. 

So thank "2 Girls and a Shovel" for being "2 Good 2 Be True"

If you want their services, and I know you do-do, just reach them at www.charmcitypaws.com





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