The snow causes few problems, but it brings a white Christmas.

BALTIMORE, Md. - In Phoenix, MD, a snow and ice mix has stacked up on the road.  In Largo, FL, where the Bertuzzis live, it's in the 70's.

It's been about 15 years since Joice Bertuzzi last saw snow. 

"Oh I can still drive in it.  I lived here all my life, so I can drive in snow," said Bertuzzi.    

But Bertuzzi knows to take it slow.  The winter weather came down for about six hours, right as people made those final trips to the store.

"I got caught again without my boots but I do have some home.  But I'm coming home from work and I wasn't really expecting this but it is beautiful to see," said Karen Williams, who lives in NE Baltimore. 

It caught some of us by surprise, and we need a refresher course with walking across the parking lot.

"It's slippery.  A lot of like sleet, it feels like sleet on the ground," said Donald Clark, who lives in NE Baltimore. 

State Highway crews were on standby and on Monday evening decided salt was needed on the roads.

"We'll be salting as needed and keeping a really close eye on those areas North and West of the city but throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area as temperatures will decrease throughout the night," said Lora Rakowski, SHA spokeswoman.    

But a white Christmas is the gift so many have wanted. Now the snow gear will finally be dusted off.

"My granddaughters will be really happy.  They'll be thrilled.  They probably have their sleds out already," said Bertuzzi.    

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