Students at a Baltimore County elementary school use donations to bet on the Super Bowl

KINGSVILLE, Md. - Cans of soup sit piled high on tables at the entrance of Kingsville Elementary school.  This is no ordinary food drive. Kids are betting on who will win the Super Bowl this Sunday, one can of Campbell's at a time.

Each grade is competing against the other to see who can bring in the most donations and pick the right team to win.  The Denver Broncos are a clear favorite.  Kids crowd the table to place their soup can in their grade's section.  Cans of every shape and size cover the top of the table from edge to edge and more sit in boxes underneath.  

But the underdog Seattle Seahawks are putting up a good fight.  Their young fans have hope Russell Wilson and the team will pull out a victory on Sunday.

The biggest winner in all of this won't be the Broncos, the Seahawks or even the students at Kingsville Elementary.  It will be the Helping Hands food pantry, which is taking the donations once the Soup-er Bowl contest is over.

"That's one of the wonderful things about the Kingsville community it does acts of kindness throughout the year," said principal Carol Ferris.  "We want the kids to get the academics and also prepare them to be adults and good people."

The Monday after the Super Bowl is when the final tally will be announced.  The grade that chose the right team and has the most donations will win their own, edible Super Bowl ring, a Ring Pop.


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