Shoppers make last minute 'mad dash' before storm

With the storm here, are you sure you're ready?

RODGERS FORGE - The clock is ticking toward what could prove to be the biggest wintry storm in four years. The plows are ready. BGE has crews on standby, and warnings are everywhere.

So as we get into "storm prep" mode yet again, many of us will travel down those pretreated roads one more time, stocking up on the necessities before holing up for brief winter's nap.

"I've got my bread, milk, eggs and toilet paper," said Brenda Groft. "We're about as ready as we can be, and from what we're hearing, the storm is going to be big."

So while you may have the "big four" already stocked and ready in your carts, is there ever anything you just forget?

"Coffee. Maybe a canned food or something," Groft said. "I'm pretty sure we thought of everything this time, though."

But Nick Hyson with Giant says at his store, the most commonly forgotten item often has nothing to do with food.

"They remember the bread, milk and eggs," he said. "But rock salt is what they always forget."

So whether it be one trip, two trips, three trips or four, we're bound to forget something and come back for more.

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