2 Good 2 Be True: Say Goodbye to 6

BALTIMORE - There are times in your life you don't feel as young as you use to, but showing up today for Paul Blair made us feel young again.  For bringing back all the great memories, Paul Blair you are "2 Good 2 Be True."

Just like that you are 10 again.  Took a few days but you found his card buried in a trunk in your basement.  That's why you had to be here today.  To walk up the steps at Ruck to pay your respects to Paul's wife of 45 years Gloria and to his family.

"What a day, great friends," said Paul's son Kevin.

You remember rolling down Walther, onto White, down Harford around Lake Montebello excited to catch the lights on 33rd street.  You remember that trot to his spot in center.  6 on his back.  Coolness at bat.  He always batted behind Donnie Buford and before Frank.  When he laid down that suicide squeeze in 69 to score Mark Belanger, he didn't get that from Weaver, Paul did it on his own to win.

Funny how New York played Paul.  Tommy Agee would make the catch for the ages in the Mets miracle win.  Then it was Paul who replaced Reggie Jackson in right which led to a dugout fight with Billy Martin. 

But here's the catch in the 1966 World Series that started our love affair for the man we called, "Motormouth." Born in Oklahoma, schooled in California, taught baseball at Coppin and was raised a hero in Baltimore.

That's why we came out here today to see Singy, Tippy, Slack, Swags, Scottie, and the B.  Jim Palmer couldn't make it because he was stranded in Florida; but sent a great letter. 

Paul Blair would have been 70 next month.  But tonight he turns our age back to when we were young, happy and champions.  Paul Blair, for your friends at Turf Valley to the Bowling Alleys to the baseball fields to the streets of Baltimore.  You were "2 Good 2 Be True."

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