Retired Marine is 2 Good 2 Be True

Cross Country trek for children

Frank Ryan grew up at Edmondson and Lyndhurst.  He traveled the world in a uniform and has one more journey to take.

In March, Frank will start marching on his coast to coast for Good Shepherd, "Good Shepard center is where we give an opportunity to children to get a fresh start."  Frank will walk from San Diego, where he first received marching orders as a Marine, and end up in Ocean City in July.

"When I was in the Marine Corps for 34 years I never questioned whether or not what I did mattered."  It matters at Good Shepherd, and it matters to Frank, "We have to make absolutely certain that there is always a place like Good Shepherd where we can take place of children who have been the most abandoned soles."

Children spend 9 months at Good Shepherd, getting better.  They play in a gym where they are surrounded by positive thoughts.  Fans are always cheering for them, Frank the loudest, "What I wanted to do is do something dramatic to recognize the love that I have for Good Shepherd."

He will walk 12 hours, every day, alone, thinking of the children, "To spend 12 hours with no other contact, imagine what it's like for a child who doesn't't know where their next loving contact will come from."

His walk, his love for Good Shepherd runs even deeper.  He says the loss of his father, when he was just 5, is the reason he is here today, "Still remember the day my dad died.  I was sitting in his lap."  That's when a Nun sat down beside him and provided him the comfort he needed.

Frank leaves March 15 th and ends in Ocean City July 1 st.  He's hoping to raise $3 Million for Good Shepherd.  Click here to help Frank on his journey.

Frank Ryan, you are 2 Good 2 Be True

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