Repairs continue three days after ice storm in Baltimore County

Part of the attraction to Fellowship Forest, a wooded enclave in Towson, is its majestic trees, but Bill Rowles knows it's a real challenge for linesmen when those trees come down. 
"It's happened before," Rowles said. "We've been having power outages off and on for the past 10 years.  That's why I got the generator."
For three long days, what lights, hot water and refrigeration Rowles could sustain came from his generator, as crews worked to restore power to more than 160,000 other customers, but on this day, they have finally arrived at Lake Drive.
Gayle Voigt also had weathered the storm's aftermath with a generator and even ran an extension cord to her next door neighbor's house.
"We help each other out whenever there's a storm, whether it's snow or whatever," Voigt said. "We've been without power until about an hour ago, so it's really nice to have it back on again."
The homes on Bill Rowles's side of the street will have to wait a bit longer, as a crew from North Carolina maneuvers its big truck into a tight space next to his house where an old poplar tree fell nearly striking his neighbor's place.
"A year ago, it hit the house," he said. "Some big tree hit it and they took it down and had to rebuild half the house."
The bigger the job and the smaller the number of homes in the dark, the longer it takes to get to it, but Rowles is just grateful they showed up when they did.
"My God.  They came today," he said. "I was willing to bet they wouldn't show up until Saturday." 
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