Police: Toddler bitten on head by pit bull mix

County officials say dog will be euthanized

DUNDALK, Md. (WMAR) - A sign saying "Beware of Dog" is right next to a stroller.  Inside a Dundalk home, the two collided.

Baltimore County Police say a pit bull mix attacked a girl, who is just 20 months old, early Sunday afternoon.

"It's bred into them and often times it's a product of the owner how the dog ends up turning.  But you hear these stories all too often," said Eric Lickstein, a neighbor.    

Police say the child was putting on her coat, when the dog, who police describe as a pit bull mix, started to leap on the child and bite her face.

Lickstein says another dog went after his Goldendoodle last summer. 

"A pit bull kind of just sprinted from the door and really was just like a heat-seeking missile, went right after Bailey," said Lickstein.    

The dog bit Bailey's leg, but the owner paid for the medical bills.  Lickstein isn't certain if the same owner is behind the recent attack on the child.

No one answered at the home on Conely St.  Police say the girl does not live at the home, but she visits with her parents often.

Loretta Kreiner takes no chances with any breed after a close encounter.

"I didn't hit the dog but it was a lady had the dog and it got away from her and come after us, and I scared the dog with the stick," said Kreiner.

Baltimore County Animal Control have deemed the dog dangerous and said Monday afternoon that it will be euthanized.

Police say the girl remained in the hospital Sunday night to treat the cuts on her face.  She is expected to survive. 

*ABC2's Michael Quander and Cheryl Conner contributed to this report.


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