Pikesville librarian teaches students ins and outs of social media, new technology

PIKESVILLE, Md. - The day starts early at the Pikesville High School library.

"Chop, chop! I l know we had a little delay," Joquetta Johnson says, rallying her students.

As the students hurry in, they're quick to pull out their classwork, notebooks and their cell phones, which on most days aren't allowed in the library. But that's what makes Johnson's class special.

She's no ordinary librarian. She's a Google-certified educator. Her knowledge of the world's largest search engine puts her in rare company.

Johnson is the only Google-certified educator in Baltimore County, one of 10 in Maryland and one of 1,200 in the world.

"It made me go deeper with my knowledge of Google which makes me better as I, being a better teacher, I can better serve my students, I can better serve my teachers and my district," Johnson said.

Her class is the fun class, students say. It's the one all the children want to take. Her skills are unique and effective because she's teaching how the phone in their hands and social media can be sources for knowledge and power in positive ways.

"I use my phone a lot for like homework and like looking up definitions for anything stuff like that," Mattie Thomas, a Pikesville ninth grader, said.

Along with the necessary tech tools that the students will need to succeed, Johnson teaches her kids about the dangers of social media and how to avoid disastrous outcomes.

"Our kids live out loud, no one is teaching them how to use social media, they never think that I'm one decision away from doing something that can impact me for the rest of my life," she said.   

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