Baltimore County teacher accused of sexually abusing student

There are 22 years between teacher and middle school student and neighbors say, serving that time in prison is the least that should happen to Northwest Academy teacher Chadwick Zamarron.

"Castrate him,” Ms. Cynthia Riley said, “I think we are hearing more and more and more about...we just heard something that happened Tuesday, something last week and the week before that, I don't think, I mean it is getting worse."

Riley lives across from Northwest Academy in Pikesville, she sent two of her children there and is about to send her grandchild next year.

She is horrified at the thought of not knowing about a predator because in this case, Baltimore County Police say it went on for months.

After being tipped off by the parents of the child last week, officers found text messages dating back to January, but police found those words turned into acts and the weeks into months.

"In the months of February and March, that verbal relationship escalated into a physical relationship between the two," said Baltimore County Officer Jen Peach.

After more interviews, Zamarron was arrested Wednesday and charged last night with sex and child abuse, sex offenses and perverted practice.

At a bail review hearing today it was determined the 35 year old will be held without bail while police continue to investigate.

"We like to assume this is not the first case,” said Officer Peach, “So we want to make sure there aren’t any other students who are victimized by this teacher."

To that end, Baltimore County Police want any other victims to step forward.

Neighbors like Ms. Riley hope the school, community and police make it comfortable for that to happen in all cases.

"If it took this child 4 months to come forward than I am hoping maybe there will become other avenues for children to come forward. Don't just use this just to talk....what are we gonna do about this," Riley said.

Baltimore County Schools released a statement about Zamarron’s arrest earlier today saying, “First, our thoughts and support are with the student and her family.  We take our responsibility to protect students in our care seriously and when an adult is accused of violating that trust, immediate action is taken. We will follow our standard personnel procedures to ensure our students are protected. In addition, we will continue to work with police and law enforcement as they investigate this situation.”

Meanwhile, Zamarron is being held without bail and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for May 19th.

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