Nine people escape from burning Kingsville home


Engines from the Kingsville Volunteer Fire Company arrived first at the burning house on Mount Vista Road, but firefighters found it difficult battling something they couldn't see.
"Visibility was absolutely zero so units had a little bit of a tough time getting in and actually finding to see the fire," said Firefighter Bob Chaney.
What they could see was that three generations of family who live in the house had already made their way out, but not without the daring actions of Timothy Butrim.
Butrim says his mother discovered the fire in the basement where four bedrooms are located, and he ran downstairs to make sure his wife and children got out.
"There were flames.  I saw it coming out of my door.  It was coming out really bad."
Butrim ran back upstairs, cutting through the heavy smoke, before making his way outside where seven family members had already escaped the flames when he realized his 68-year old, diabetic grandmother was still inside.
"Everybody else got out.  I just went back in to go get my grandma.  She couldn't move fast so I had to go back in there as fast as I could to get her out."
Paramedics treated Butrim's mother for smoke inhalation at the scene and transported his grandmother to the hospital with difficulty breathing.
Meanwhile, firefighters extinguished the fire and rescued five dogs and three cats from the home, but thanks to Timothy Butrim, the most crucial rescue had already unfolded before they ever arrived.
We're happy to report that Butrim's grandmother, Brenda Reed, is listed in good condition tonight at Franklin Square Hospital Center.
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