Locals weigh-in on Washington's sequestering

PARKVILLE, Md. - "I know that these drastic cuts will have a negative effect," Jim Keenae said.

At the American Legion in Parkville the beer is cold, the singing is superb, and the topic is hot.

"Since I'm retired and on social security and medicare becomes the primary insurer.

Any playing around with Medicare will have a negative effect on me," Keenae said.

Jim Keenae is concerned about the $85 billion in automatic budget cuts that will go into effect on Friday unless congress acts.

"I'm on social security myself and i worry about it all the time. Thinking suppose my check was cut down I'm just making it as it is," says Keenae.

Folks have many questions with very few answers.  From healthcare services to possible longer waits for disability checks. What does it all mean and how does it affect you?

"In the long run they are going to be cut backs in general that are going to affect people and their ability to continue the way they work. Working, earning power, hiring, planning for the future, saving, investing all of those kinds of things," Edward Jones said.

Marc train riders like Edward Jones, who commutes from Laurel to Aberdeen, feel Washington isn't being responsible with his future.

"Yes we do need to make cuts and curb our spending, but i think we need to do it in an orderly fashion. To let this happen it's just a shame that we can't get our bodies of government to agree to disagree," Jones said.

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