Klein's ShopRite closes early due to weather conditions

Road conditions cited as a concern

If you're looking for last-minute grocery items later tonight, you won't be able to get them at Klein's ShopRite of Maryland stores.

All of the stores are closing early today with those in Harford County staying open the latest – 5 p.m.

The reasoning was simple – safety.

Klein's ShopRite of Maryland President Andrew Klein said as of Tuesday afternoon there had already been several accidents in store parking lots.

"The roads are pretty bad right now," Andrew Klein said as he spoke on the challenge of providing a service to customers while managing staff availability.

"Only crazy people are going to be out riding the roads," Klein said. "…It's a risk to get staff in."

Sandy Welsh, manager of the ShopRite of Main Street in Bel Air, spoke highly of the decision made in the best interest of Klein's ShopRite employees and their families.

"They're (employees) happy, of course," Welsh said. "They'd like to get home safe."

Klein's ShopRite of Maryland takes pride in a "zero-accident culture." The company boasts a positive on-the-job safety record and according to its website, one of the industry's lowest worker's compensation insurance rates.

With Tuesday's situation, Andrew Klein said the goal was just to do the best they could to balance what is sure to be a rough few days and the safety of their employees. The stores are expected to be open Wednesday, but distribution and transportation to stores are expected to be impacted.

"We'll get through it. We don't want to lose power, that's the worst thing," Andrew said.

The Klein's stores began in 1925 as a small general store on Main Street in Fallston. The store later expanded into more than half a dozen locations. In 2009 the company began operating under the ShopRite banner.



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