Furniture store to pay $600k after losing bet with customers

TOWSON, Md - The odds of anyone running back a kickoff for a touchdown in any NFL game is about 300 to one.

So it had to probably be a gaziollion to one that your home team would run back an opening half Superbowl kickoff.

Oh boy.

Someone should have warned these guys.

The folks at Gardiners Furniture put up three and a half days of furniture sales on the line that a Raven wouldn't run an opening half kickoff back for a touchdown.

They lost.

And today Tom Carter came to collect his $763.18.

The couple was going to buy a new mattress and box spring anyway so they decided to buy from Gardiners because they have good stuff and what the heck they might win it.

They're going to name the box spring Jacoby.

"I was screaming so loud you could probably hear me screaming around the City of Baltimore my wife was upstairs and I yelled for her and she didn't hear me so I stopped the game ran up and got her backed it up on DVR so she could see it and she started screaming."     Carter says.

And Gardiners is willing to pay, about $600, 000 worth of furniture was sold over that three and a half day period.

When the home team wins it's worth every penny.

"Nobody was more surprised than I was when the second half opened and Jacoby Jones runs the kickoff for a touchdown within seconds my phone was ringing." Gardiners Furniture Owner Gary Mulhanney says.

Over in White Marsh, it wasn't about keeping a bet but a promise.

As long as the Ravens kept winning in the playoffs the ZBurger guy said he would give away a free purple burger on the Monday after the game.

Promises like bets have to be kept.

"Ever since we started giving away the free burgers they've one every game so we were yelling Superbowl the last three games now the password is zchampion."ZBurger CEO Peter Tabibian says.

Zburger is giving away a lot of burgers.

But it's not about the food, it's about sharing the win...and a full belly doesn't hurt either.

They got purple rolls it's free if you say say Zchampions because Go Ravens!  And my order number 52 go Ray." Ravens Fan Melvin Hundt says.

 "My burger was awesome like that game yesterday. " Go Ravens!" Crystal Solara says.

The folks at Gardiners they say you don't have to come in to claim the money, they know who bought the stuff and will take care of their bill or refund money already paid.

It will just take a few weeks to sort everyone out.



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