Friends say victims are Woodlawn High students

You can still make out the path of the car that jumped the curb at the Brookstone Apartments and barreled into a group of unsuspecting teenagers.
"We just heard a big accident noise and we ran up to the top of the street and we saw everyone on the ground... crying and stuff," said Nick Glenn, a classmate of the victims who attend Woodlawn High School.
Police say a car trying to cross Windsor Mill Road to enter the complex from Royal Court Drive pulled out in the path of another car, and the subsequent crash sent one of them toward the teens.
Friends say one young girl in particular was caught directly in the path of the wayward car.
"She was the one that really got ran over," said Glenn, "The car went over the top of her."
"She was talking though and when they came, they just took her," added Tavon Boston who ran to the scene following the accident.
Paramedics transported five teenagers to local hospitals with what they're calling non-life threatening injuries in addition to a driver and a passenger that were hurt during the crash.
"The driver of the car that was northbound on Windsor Mill was a young woman that was travelling with her 7-month old son.  They were also injured and transported.  They're also going to be okay," said Elise Armacost of the Baltimore County Police Department.
That's good news for friends of the teens who saw their injured classmates on the ground and feared the worse, even shying away from our cameras when we first showed up at the site of the crash today as they awaited word of their condition.
"That's why I'm thinking you all came up here cause someone got killed," said Glenn.
Police say neither driver has been cited yet since the accident is still under investigation.
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