County budget to fund high tech schools and add high tech security

DUNDALK, Md - Every great engineer or builder started off as a child playing in the dirt.

Four year old Brayden is already building ramps in the backyard for his monster trucks and mom says he's already a whiz on the family computer.

"It helps him learn different things its taught him how to write better read better things like that I think it's a good idea." Michelle Hagan of Dundalk says.

Next year Norwood Elementary might be the place to be for such a creative little mind.

In this year's county budget, Norwood along with Holabird Middle School would be turned into Science and Technology academies aimed at creating engineers.

Norwood already has computer generated coursework in most classes and even gets help from engineers at Northrup Grumman who come in show kids what science dudes really do.

"We need to teach our students in the same technology language they use outside of the classroom and the more we start implementing modern tech in the classroom the more children we'll be able to reach." Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz says.

School spending makes up 53 percent of the 2.8 billion dollar county budget, and so is the lion share of the growth that's needed to handle the increase of students and increase in need for new programs and tech.

More than a million dollars for Norwood Elementary and Holabird Middle; four million this year for new Wi-Fi for all schools.

They are also adding millions for new school security tech.

"We put in six million for security upgrades for school safety adding a security card feature for students and faculty to use throughout the school year and we're adding six new school resource officers." Kamenetz says.

In addition to money for tech, county schools will also get more than 200 million dollars for school construction.

New classroom space will be created for Owings Mills, Catonsville and for the upper York Road corridor

More than 100 new teachers will also be added.



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