Carney Elementary parents get heated over no air conditioning

CARNEY, Md. -  

Parents from Carney Elementary are getting heated over no air conditioning.

"They also complain that it's hard to focus.  They're so hot sometimes they just want to lay their heads down on their desk," said Sherry McCammon, a Carney Elem. PTA member.    

McCammon petitioned the Board of Education, saying students can't concentrate when they're hot and air condition is as important as new books. 

"Without the A/C it is tough for her.  She has missed some school days because of her allergies, and that should not have to happen," said Judy Heiger, Carney Elem PTA president. 

There's no direct response from board members, but the man in charge of maintaining the buildings says half of the county's more than 170 schools are without A/C.

"It depends on the needs of the school.  It depends on the age of the building and when we feel that the infrastructure is there then we can provide air conditioning the most cost effective way of doing it," said Pete Dixit, executive director, physical facilities, Baltimore County Public Schools.    

Dixit says he looks at the design of the building and the age before determining who gets A/C first.  Carney Elementary is at the bottom of the list according to a recent study. 

But there may be relief.  Governor Martin O'Malley announced $25 million dollars in his budget would go toward cooling schools.

Carney parents think much of the money should go to Baltimore County since it has the second oldest buildings.

"Why not create the best learning environment for our kids and this is one thing that's lacking," said Heiger.    

Parents feel good about their push in front of the school board, but there's no word on if Carney Elementary will get air conditioning.  In a recent report, they were at the bottom of the priority list.

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