Band of doctors play for charity

Trading the operating room for the stage...


They don't do weddings or bar mitzvah's, but they do by pass surgeries and lung transplants.
The band is back.   Meet Stevie V and The Heart Attackers for one night only.
Is there a doctor in this house?  You have a room full.
Recessed lighting, fish tank, and guitar is the scene in their Ellicott City basement.
Out of the operating room and onto the stage one night a year.  The doctors will preform on January 19th as Heartfest has been revived.  
This is an event that raises money for the Ciccarone Center at Johns Hopkins.
They took off their scrubs - left monitors, wires and IV's behind, for even a good doctor knows a bouncy C is good medicine.
The return of Heartfest, the 20th, is on Saturday January 19th, at Martins Valley Mansion in Cockeysville.  
You will enjoy heart healthy meals prepared by local restaurants from 7:30 p.m. to midnight.
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