Baltimore heads for the (sledding) hills amidst snowstorm

How do you spend a snowday?

TOWSON, Md. - Trucks were forbidden from crossing the Bay Bridge. Officials warned drivers to stay off the roads . Meteorologists heralded hours and inches more of snowfall. Banks closed. Schools closed. Even Brick Bodies closed

So what's Baltimore to do in midst of the first significant snow storm in three years? Hit the slopes, of course. 


"I remember this hill being a lot bigger," said  Davis Pfund, 17, a Dulaney High School student said as he stood atop the massive hill at St. Paul's School in Brooklandville. 

How are you spending the first significant snowstorm in the last three years?

Pfund and three of his friends were among the 20 or so people who braved the steep walk up the hill for a bit of sledding and snowboarding. Pfund skillfully carved down the hill on his snowboard after his friend, a novice boarder, wiped out.

The last time he said he tackled the hill was five years ago. 

"Still fun though," Pfund said.

A little ways up Interstate 695, the snow brought together siblings Caitlyn and Brendan Fitzgerald. Brendan, flanked by his two snow-loving dogs, said he bought his home across from Loch Raven High School because of the steep hill and the "big front yard" provided by school's campus. 

"The day after the storm, the kids hit the hill hard," Brendan said. "Once you get that first cold night, it'll freeze over a little bit … and it'll be real slick." 

Caitlyn added, "you just have to watch out for the trees." 

Brendan threw himself down the hill on his knee board as his two dogs -- Aislind and Jackson -- gave chase behind him. 

"They couldn't be happier," Brendan said. "They're trail rated for 50 degrees below. 

Meanwhile, scores of parents and children took to the Baltimore County Board of Education's Greenwood Campus hill in pursuit of a little fun before the deep freeze set in. 

"It's pretty good -- longer slope," Michael Bayani, a teacher and Greenwood first-timer, said. 

Bayani and his family quickly became the most popular on the hill after carving a small ramp for sledders and snowboard to jump. (See photos) 

"The snow is a littler powdery. It took us a little while," Bayani said. 

The powdery snow that blanketed Maryland Tuesday was expected to freeze overnight with temperatures expected to plummet around 0, which could make for another day-off snow-day fun-day on Wednesday. 


Where is your favorite place to go sledding in the Baltimore area?


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