Baltimore County to add 4 new speed cameras

Baltimore County is planning to add four speed cameras to streets near public schools sometime "in the near future," the county's police department announced on its blog.

The new cameras will be placed near Joppa View Elementary School, Windsor Mill Elementary, Dundalk High School and Stoneleigh Elementary School. (See addresses below.)

There is already a speed camera near Stoneleigh Elementary School, which will remain in place on Regester Avenue in addition to a second camera to be placed on Stevenson Lane. 

"The cameras will be operational in the near future, but motorists should adjust their speed now," according to police. "For 30 days after each camera is activated, motorists exceeding the speed limit by at least 12 mph will receive warnings rather than citations."

The county's speed cameras are operational 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, including weekdays and summer months when school is not in session.

More details about the county's speed camera program are available here.


Address of Speed Cameras:

  • Joppa View Elementary, 8700 block of Honeygo Boulevard
  • Windsor Mill Elementary, 8200 block of Windsor Mill Road
  •  Dundalk High, 1900 block of Delvale Road
  • Stoneleigh Elementary, 700 block of Stevenson Lane 
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