Middle River woman comforted shooting victims

1 killed in Middle River triple shooting

MIDDLE RIVER, Md. - UPDATE: Police have identified the man that died as Robert Holiday, 27. 


By the time police arrived in the 2100 block of Eastern Boulevard, the gunmen had disappeared leaving three victims behind, but in the critical moments following the shooting, Maria Cammaraca provided their only comfort.

"I came out and I saw three bodies in the street.  Well, one was on the sidewalk... a girl was there and a guy was there and the one guy was already deceased," said Cammaraca.

At first, Maria says she thought what sounded like an explosion from inside her home was a car accident, but she soon learned otherwise.

"I ran out to the girl.  I said, 'Hold on.  I'll be back,' cause she said, 'We've been shot or hit,' and then I saw the gunshot wound she said in her stomach and her leg, and I ran in and got my daughter's blanket and covered her with and just sat there and held her hand the whole time."

For Baltimore County Police, the triple shooting at the bus stop just across from a busy shopping center leaves them searching for suspects, physical evidence and a motive.

"We do know that the three victims were acquaintances and we are currently looking into whether they were connected to the suspects or if they were targeted," said Corp. Cathy Batton.

For Maria, it provided a grim reminder that crime has no bounds including the sidewalk that runs along her front yard.

"She was actually consoling me because I was crying.  She said, 'Stop crying,' and I said, 'I'm sorry cause I didn't see who did this to you.  I'm sorry,' and I kept her talking the whole time."

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