Puppy rescued off I-395 overpass ledge

Most of us are zombies on the way into work, mindlessly listening to the radio and zoning out as we dread the eight hour day ahead.  But not Tiffany Nicolette.  Her sharp eye saved a puppy's life.  And camera's caught the whole thing on tape.

Tiffany Nicolette was driving into work Thursday morning when she spotted something out of the corner of her eye.  It was a puppy.  It was trapped behind a fence on the 395 overpass near the stadiums in Baltimore. Nicolette pulled her car over and called for help, watching the pup shaking more than 30 feet above the street below.  

"I knew he was in the wrong place so I knew I had to do something.  It was scary just because if you make the wrong move and startle him, he could go off the edge," Nicolette said.

As Nicolette and others waited for a way to rescue the puppy, someone spotted a bucket truck.  A crew with Arundel Signs happened to be working in the area.  The group flagged down the truck and made a request - drive to Hamburg Street and raise the bucket to reach the puppy.

Worker Billy Muncy rose to the rescue.  His efforts were captured in a cell phone video that was posted to YouTube.  

"It hopped in my arms when i put my arm up," Muncy said, "It leaped toward me.  I had to catch it so it wouldn't fall down. I was scared I was going to drop it."

But he didn't.  The dog was now safe and sound.  It's since been taken to BARCS, which we're told plans to adopt out the seven-month old dog.  Nicolette, who already has three dogs at home, says the pup she helped rescue won't have a problem finding a new family to love.


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