Teachers allege scores changed so students could pass

BALTIMORE - In its rich history, such famous alumni as Thurgood Marshall, Kweisi Mfume and Cab Calloway passed through the halls of Booker T. Washington Middle School, but that stands in stark contrast to the scandal it's mired in today.

"I heard they were changing scores," said Robin Byrd, "I'm really disappointed in hearing that from a school where my two daughters came from."
According to the Baltimore Sun, one teacher who gave almost 20 students the minimum score of 50 for their work, which represents a failing grade, learned a few days after school let out that someone had changed those scores to 90-percent---exactly what they needed to pass on to the next grade.
Deneen Taylor's son just passed the seventh grade at the school.
"I wouldn't even allow that.  You have to earn that.  Don't push the kids off if they don't know nothing."
The school system is reportedly investigating the matter, but the allegations have raised questions now over the validity of students' scores at other schools.
"I have a child that just passed the 12th grade missing 91 days, but they passed her anyway," said Byrd, "In reality, my child is going to be lost."
"It seems like they're trying to get rid of them," added Taylor, "You don't want to deal with next year or something?  That's not good.  Would you want somebody to do your child like that?"
Last month as he resigned from his post as the head of the school system, Dr. Andres Alonso notified Booker T. Washington Middle School that it had been identified as a "priority" school.
That means it ranked in the lowest five percent of all Title I schools in its student's performance in reading and mathematics.
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