2 Good 2 Be True: Suzanne Fischer-Huettner

A woman on the Record

BALTIMORE - You are standing on Saratoga, for the Record.  "The history here is amazing," says Publisher Suzanne Fischer-Huettner.

It has survived depressions, fires, and a recession.  "I did not realize the firestorm I would cause for being a woman."

Wait a minute, Suzanne is a woman?  "Yes, I do know that, thank you."  But at one time for the record, "It was all men", she said.  But it was the man in her life at the time, her Grandfather who inspired her.  "I told him I was thinking of taking a job at the Daily Record, and he said its a great company..take it."

Who reads the Record today?

"Influential business leaders, owners, anyone interested in how to run their businesses better."  And you know who is doing business better than ever?  Women.  "If you look around, women are taking over some great jobs."

For the record, they have already taken notes by saluting the Top 100 Women in Maryland.  And now Suzanne is the one who is the role model for younger ladies in Baltimore and beyond.  .

She says she is so proud of the innovative team that she works with every single day.  Suzanne the leader.

Baltimore's voice in business, legal, government and now health care.  For the record, Suzanne Fisher-Huettner is " 2 Good 2 Be True."

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