Students in Canton 'Celebrate Seuss'

BALTIMORE - Students at pre-K and kindergarten students St. Casimir Catholic School celebrated the birth of Dr. Seuss and his contribution to children's literature this week with "Celebrate Seuss" events Tuesday.

But it wasn't just Thursday, the past week, more than 100 students have participated in Seuss related events.

"For the last week we have been doing science, math, language arts, social studies, all kinds of activities with Dr. Seuss," said teacher Noreen Heffner.

It was all culminated Tuesday with a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast, a visit from the Cat in the Hat and Seuss related craft projects.

"They've been so excited about all of this – making the hats, making the green eggs and ham, doing all of the things and reading at the same time," Heffner said.

In addition to leaning, Heffner said the activities were also about building the community around the school. Parents were invited to Tuesday's Green Eggs and Ham breakfast and middle school students came to work and read to the younger children.

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