Baltimore School for the Arts senior first student allowed to perform professional dance number

BALTIMORE - He can jump out of the gym.  He can recite Tchiakovsky.  Our Bel Air Honda Student Athlete of the Week comes with a twist.  Meet Baltimore School for the Arts senior Logan Paschall.

"I started young with hip hop and jazz", Paschall said.

Some time ago, Logan had to make a decision: end his sports days and concentrate of ballet.  He needed to pass his audition to attend the Baltimore School for the Arts. He  compares catching a football or dribbling down court with moves that he puts the dance floor.  Logan has also learned how to balance his dance with his school work.  He has nine periods.  The first four are academics. Then its an afternoon of stretching, warm-ups, rehearsals and then its show time.

Norma Pera, head of dance instruction, said "he is blessed with a natural jump."

And the school allowed him to take the biggest leap. 

"I went to the Nutcracker in Huntsville, Ala.," said Logan.  For the first time in the Baltimore School for the Arts history, they allowed a current student to perform a professional gig.  He brought professionalism to Huntsville and the school's reputation took a giant national leap.

He's a goal setter.  Wants to break the world record for consecutive split jumps.  Wants to attend college and start a long career.  But for right now he wants you to come see all the hard work he and his classmates do by performing the Modell Lyric.  Logan and company will be there all weekend with the BSO lead by School for the Arts Alum, Andrew Grams.

Logan Paschall is the Bel Air Honda Student Athlete of the Week.

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