Sewage overflows into Gwynns Falls


Sewage is flowing into the Gwynns Falls at a rate of 50 gallons per minute and crews have been working to stop the stream of filth since Friday afternoon. 

The broken 8 inch sewage pipe was reported Friday around noon near the 4200 block of Franklintown Road.

Department of Public Works crews responded immediately but officials say the overflow rate remains at approximately 50 gallons per minute Saturday afternoon. Repair efforts have been hampered by the location of the leak deep in the woods and by the need to remove several downed trees to access the affected part of the Gwynns Falls.

Department of Public Works Spokesman, Kurt Kocher said  as of noon Saturday crews cleared the access to broken sewer line and were in the process of excavation. He could not give an estimated time for completion of the work. 

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