Crews stop sewage flow into Gwynns Falls

BALTIMORE, Md. - More than 24 hours after sewage began streaming into the Gwynns Falls from a broken pipe, repair crews managed to stem the flow Saturday night.

Department of Public Works spokesman Kurt Kocher said the sewage overflow was stopped around 6 p.m. Saturday. He estimated that at its worst 3,000 gallons of sewage an hour was flowing into a tributary of the Gwynns Falls near the 4200 block of Franklintown Road.

Kocher says a broken 70-year-old terra cotta pipe is to blame for the steady flow of filth that entered the waterway for over 24 hours. The broken 8 inch sewage pipe was reported Friday around noon.

Crews responded immediately, but repair efforts were hampered by the location of the leak deep in the woods and the need to clear downed trees to access the affected part of the Gwynns Falls.

Officials say the total amount of sewage that entered the tributary will not be available until early next week.

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