Residents react to violent weekend

BALTIMORE - You can look at the big picture, you can say 8 bodies and 21 can knock on doors for cameras as Commissioner Anthony Batts did in East Baltimore this afternoon, but you got get up close to experience it.

You got see the leftover crime tape stuck in the gutter, the ‘RIP' written on a card hanging from a light post; the tire tracks through the leftover wax of a vigil candle, reheating on the city asphalt marking the spot where someone bled out just a couple days before.

"He was somebody's father, he was somebody's child. Somebody's brother, somebody's cousin and it was really sad.  My heart dropped."

Allison Williams took the trash out Friday and saw the body of Andre Witherspoon laying in the middle of Ducatel Street.

It was Sunday night when someone else was murdered on Bennett Place in West Baltimore; thankfully a scene Lloyd Chase and his daughter didn't see but definitely heard and they ran inside after the five shots went off.

Today he is more than concerned his street now a dot in a crime spike.

"The kids that's around here.  That's all I care about.  My kids and everybody else's kids.  I give them money, we go to the store, we do everything," said Chase.

And that now includes having to dodge bullets in one of several shootings since Friday.

But it was the same story on Pennsylvania Avenue this weekend where two people were killed, witnesses say while in their car.

A signed card and Mylar balloons mark that loss.

A similar scene is at the spot where another man was killed on Cuthbert in Northwest Baltimore.

The stuffed bear holds a cross that says ‘Love Everyone;' the same sentiment we heard all day from the citizens of this city.

From east to west the bullets flew in Baltimore and for the first time in a long time people wanted to stop and talk about it, people like Allison Williams who stopped and turned down the music in her car.

[What kind of music were you blasting right there?]  "Gospel," she responded, "Because that's what keeps my spirit connected to what I believe in because if you don't have anything to hold onto you'll be lost."

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