Rainbow roses for mom

Mother's Day is days away. There's still time to find flowers. But if you can't pick the perfect hue, why not give her every color.

"It's a great unique gift for your mom, if your mom is into a lot of colors. It's a great gift for mom for Mothers' Day," said Wegmans Columbia florist DeeAnn Spicer.

The florists at Wegman's in Columbia showed us how it all starts - with a white rose. They split the stems into quadrants and then each section goes into a different color dye. Then voilĂ  you have a Nevado Rose.

"If you wanted to do just one color at home. Take a white rose. You cut it as you would normally do. But instead of putting it in freshwater you'll put it in food coloring," said DeeAnn.

Nevado Roses / Rainbow Roses

* Start with white rose
* Cut stem on an angle
* Use food coloring instead of water
* It takes about three days for the full color to come through.

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