Prosecutors: Tyrone West died from a heart issue

BALTIMORE - Prosecutors announced the cause of Baltimore man Tyrone West's death, five months after he died while in police custody following a traffic stop,

According to a news release from the Baltimore City State's Attorney Office, West's cause of death was "cardiac arrhythmia due to cardiac conduction system abnormality complicated by dehydration during police restraint."

However, the release continued that the manner of West's death could not be determined "because of an inability to determine the absolute relative contribution of each of the described factors that caused Mr. West's death."

The conclusions came from the autopsy report completed by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner with regard to West's death on July 18, 2013.

"The State's Attorney's Office will continue with its independent investigation of the circumstances of Mr. West's death, which will include the findings of the OCME," according to a statement released by the State's Attorney Office. "In order to preserve the integrity of the investigation, no further information regarding the autopsy or the OCME's conclusions will be released at this time. We are dedicated to expeditiously concluding this investigation."

The statement from the State's Attorney Office comes a day before the Baltimore City Council scheduled a hearing over concerns regarding West's autopsy. 

West's family members have raised concerns over the handling of the investigation surrounding his death. In addition, there are witnesses that claimed West was beaten by police .

"We know the truth. We just want them to admit the truth so we can go on. This has torn this family apart," Diane Butler, West's aunt, said .  "We buried him, for what they did to him, and nobody had stepped up to be accountable for this?"

Baltimore City NAACP President Tessa Hill-Aston said at the request of West's family, she is calling on all parties involved in the investigation of his death to release their findings.

"This incident took place nearly five months ago and I was approached by a family that is in tremendous pain. They are confused by the lack of response from officials and they simply want answers and closure," said Hill-Aston in a statement. 

"There are so many questions left unanswered about what occurred between Tyrone West and the police on that day and this family and the pubic are entitled to know if this involved inappropriate behavior by the police or not."

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