Police union responds to trainee shooting

BALTIMORE - Baltimore City Police have identified the officer they say fired a live round during a training exercise on Tuesday, striking a trainee in the head.

That officer has been identified as William "Scott" Kern, an 18-year veteran of the police department. He was the instructor, working with a group of about 50 trainees at the Rosewood site.

In a statement, Det. Bob Cherry, president of FOP Lodge #3, the union that represents Baltimore City Police officers told ABC-2 news:  "Officer Kern always came to work ready to get the job done.  His integrity is beyond reproach and he is committed to the mission of the Baltimore Police Department.

"He loved working at the academy, having been assigned there for over 12 years now, teaching the recruits and preparing them for a career in law enforcement.  This is a tragedy for everyone involved."

Maryland State Police also released a letter on Thursday, outlining their role in the investigation.

MSP investigators continue to interview officers who were at the Rosewood Center on Tuesday

The letter, from spokesman Greg Shipley reads in part: "The Maryland State Police investigation is being conducted as a criminal investigation with the purpose of determining if a crime occurred and who was responsible for that crime.  The Maryland State Police is not conducting an administrative investigation (which) examines the adherence of personnel to department policies and procedures."

Whether those policies and procedures were violated will be determined by parallel investigations, by city police internal affairs, and the state's Police Training Commission.

State police also say their investigation could take several weeks; they do not plan to comment on it again until it is completed.

All operations of the Baltimore Police Academy remain shut down.

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