Man believed to have shot recruit ID'd

Baltimore Police say it was Officer William "Scott" Kern who fired the live round in Tuesday's training scenario that critically wounded a University of Maryland, Baltimore police recruit.

That recruit was shot in the forehead during the exercise at the Rosewood Mental Hospital in Owings Mills, now abandoned and owned by the state.

Officer Kern was the instructor running the drill.

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Baltimore Police released Kern's name in accordance to department policy about police involved shootings.

While we now know who, the details of how are still at large.

Sources tell ABC2News there are strict guidelines and safety procedures in place to ensure live rounds or real guns are nowhere near an ‘active shooter' training scenario.

The Baltimore Police Department uses what are called ‘simunition' guns; they are designed to feel like a department issued firearm but are blue in color and shoot paint pellets.

In order to sign a simunition gun out for training, a recruit or officer is required to sign in their real firearm and any live ammo on their person.

Why this standard was obviously not followed on Tuesday is one of the main questions the Maryland State Police are working to answer in its criminal investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile, Thursday morning, members of the Maryland Police Corrections and Trainings Commission arrived at BPD headquarters to begin its audit of the department's training practices.

The audit is being done at the immediate request of Baltimore Commissioner Anthony Batts.

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